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Top reasons to drive an electric vehicle by SRP

Have you been considering switching to an electric vehicle? If you’re not sure about making the switch, we’re here to guide you toward deciding whether electric is right for you. Hint: We think it is!

We’re officially living in the future. While we’re not yet piloting flying cars or teleporting from place to place as some have predicted in the past, vehicles are becoming more modern. Electric vehicles might even hit a new lev

el of momentum as more models become available. Thinking of going electric? Here are the reasons why you should.

Financial reasons to drive an electric vehicle 1. Save on a Level 2 charger. Save $250 instantly when you

purchase a Level 2 charger from SRP Marketplace™.

2. Have a $50 credit added to a future bill. SRP customers who make the

switch to electric and join SRP’s EV Community will receive a $50 credit toward a future statement.

3. Electricity is much cheaper than gas. On average in Arizona, “filling up” with electricity costs $1.06 per “eGallon” compared to $3.60 per gallon for regular gasoline, according to the Department of Energy. And for EV drivers on the SRP Electric Vehicle Price Plan™, the savings are even greater thanks to super off-peak charging prices.

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